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Current Prices for Various Utilities / Gas / Groceries:
These are some current prices in Bethel Alaska
Stove Oil:
$3.42 per gallon (Bulk)
Automobile Gasoline:
$4.17 per gallon
Telephone Service (Basic): 
Rent 1 Bedroom House with Utilities: $600-$1300
Basic Cable Service:
Average Ticket from Anchorage to Bethel Round Trip:
Advanced Cable Service:
Basic Cellular Service:
$1.00/min (not sure monthly)
2006 Yamaha Venture XL Sno-Go

12 Pack Soda
#10 of Potatoes:
$8.99 (Swanson’s Sale)

Bath Tissue:
$8.99  (Swanson’s Sale)
Rib Steak:
Pork Steaks:

Gallon of Milk:
White Bread:
Total Population in 1990: 4,674
Total Population in 2000: 5,449 


Total Housing Units: 1624
Occupied Housing: 1432

 Plumbing: Percent of Households That do not Have

Complete Plumbing: 25.0% (lack sink, bath/shower, or flush toilet)
Complete Kitchen: 19.8% (lack stove, fridge, or running water

 Water, Percent of Households Using

Public Water System: 83.2%
Individual Well: 5.8%
Other: 11.0% (River, Cistern, etc.)

 Sewer, Percent of Households Using:

Public Sewer System: 40.1%
Septic Tank/Cesspool: 32.6%
Other Disposal: 27.2%

 Phones, Percent of Households That do not Have:

Phone: 22.3%

 Heating Methods, Percent of Households Using:
Electricity: 2.7%
Fuel Oil, Kerosene: 88.8%
Coal or Coke: 0.0%
Bottled, Tank, LP Gas: 0.1%
Other Fuel: 5.2% 
Piped Gas (utility): 0.1%
Fuel Oil, Kerosene: 88.8%
Wood: 1.3%
Solar Energy: 0.0%
No Fuel Used: 1.7%