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Lakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast

Lakeside-Lodge-Bed-and-BreakfastLakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast is a great place to in Bethel, Alaska for a cozy little getaway, and it’s like a home away from home.

Room rates are pretty cheap, and you get free wireless Internet too, and that’s great for people who really want to get away, but don’t want to be without their connections to home, office, or hobbies. You’re able to stay in touch with everything in your life back home if you need to, but you’re in one of the most remote places in the wilderness too. It’s the best of both worlds.

Room rates are $105 for a single and $130 for a double, and it is $665 for a weekly rate and $825 for a double rate. It’s a fun, cool place to hang out with comfortable sofas, couches, and blankets, and there are also taxidermied animal heads all over the walls, and a great dining table so you can get to work on your computer if you need to use the Internet. The Internet is available in all rooms.

There are great amenities here at this wonderful little spot, and your stay is going to be as comfortable as possible. There is satellite television service, and there is authentic Alaskan information and decoration too. It’s not like you’re just staying here. You’re really living here. It’s quite a different thing altogether.

Alaska Airlines offers three to four flights in per day. The population of Bethel is only 6500, but it’s a thriving tourist destination. There are lots of things to do here while you’re staying at the lodge, not the least of which is wildlife adventures. Bethel is basically a network of 56 villages which aren’t connected by roads. It has the largest Yupik population, and over 25,000 residents, and many of them still live off the land and go fishing or hunting. Local transportation to the villages is offered, and there are lots of charter air services and scheduled trips too.

They also offer a PaPa Bear Adventures too. There are fishing and hunting expeditions throughout Southwestern Alaska, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. Check out the Lakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast if you want to get the best taste of Alaska possible. It’s cheap, and you get to see the best parts of the remote wilderness.

The cool thing about Lakeside Lodge is that it’s got a real down-to-earth feel, and you really feel like you’re at home and just hanging out while you’re there. However, you still get the best of the Alaskan wilderness right outside your door. With wireless Internet and satellite television, it’s like you’re right at home just chilling out while you’re out in the Alaskan wilderness having the time of your life when you’re not inside resting and taking a break from it all.

The Lakeside Lodge BnB is run by some really down-to-earth people too, and you can have a great time just hanging out, and maybe going on a hunting or fishing tour.

Lakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast

PO Box 2509
Bethel, Alaska
Phone: 907-543-5275
Email: info@lakesidelodgebnb.com
website: http://www.lakesidelodgebnb.com