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Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures

fishingKuskokwim Wilderness Adventures is situated in Bethel, one of the largest cities in the Western part of Alaska, and it’s a family-operated and owned business. They are experts at Kisaralik River tours, river charters, and birding-watching tours.

Kisaralik Camp is positioned about 80 miles up the river from the Southwestern Alaskan town of Bethel. Bethel gets about three flights in per day from Anchorage, which is located about 400 miles away, and you’ll go by boat on a three-hour journey to get to the camp too. The set-up camp is clean and comfortable.

Boat charters are good fun, and they offer three reliable and safe powerboats with crews who are licensed by the Coast Guard on the river and its tributaries too. They are open for village trips, tours, and daily charter.

The bird-watching tours are also really cool. They are done in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and they conduction springtime bird-watching trips on the river. The one-day tours leave the city at 6 ‘o clock in the morning from the boat harbor. Up to a dozen people can go in one of two covered boats. They go up the river about 40 miles, and they stop at different bird habitats so you can get some really good photographs. There is usually a songbird specialist from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services that travels with the boat crew to point out and talk about the dozens of bird species that are seen.

The camp is has big two-person wall tents with cots, an eating area free of bugs, shower facilities, and more. There are three big, well-balanced meals that are served each day. Lunches are deli-style, dinners are gourmet-style, and breakfasts are tasty too. There are different activities during the trip, and they can be altered depending on what the party is interested in. There is tons of wildlife there. The canvas tens and cots make camping fun instead of something that you have to shy away from as uncomfortable and dirty. It can be hard to go camping if you don’t use a service like Kuskokim Wilderness Adventures.

There are bird-watching tours in the springtime that are just amazing. There are lots of other animals that are sometimes observed like porcupine, hare, beaver, otter, fox, and moose. There is a deli-lunch as part of the tour. You can download, from the website, a list of the birds you might spot. There are also photos taken from the bird-watching tours.

Boat charters are available for village trips, tours, and daily charter. Boat charter is $130 per hour with a two-hour minimum. It sounds expensive, but you get a whole lot out of it.

Exploring Alaska’s rivers has never been more fun because you have so many options of how you want to do it with Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures. The prices are reasonable, and you’ll never forget the fun you had exploring some of Alaska’s most remote wilderness with top-of-the-line luxury and amenities at your disposal through Kuskokwim. You really want to use a guided adventure tour versus trying it all out on your own.

Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures

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