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According to the 2000 census, there were around 5,400 people, 1,700 households, and 1,100 families living in Bethel. The population was about 125 for each square mile. There were about 1,900 housing units with an mean density of 45 for each fsquare mile. The racial distribution is about 26% white, 1% black, 61% Native America, 3% Asian, and 7% from at least two races. Hispanics and Latinos make up about 1% of the population.

There were 1,700 households, and 44% had children under 18 in their home, 42% were married, 15% had a single woman without a husband, and 33% were not families. Approximately 25% of households were composed of people and about 3% had someone who was living alone were at least 65 years old or older The average number of people in the household was three, and the median size of the family approximately four.

As far as age distribution, it was about 35% under 18, nine percent from 18 to 24, 32% from 25 to 44, 18% from 45 to 65, and 3% who were at least 65 years of age. The average age of people Bethel was just 29 years of age. For each 100 women, there were 110 men. For each 100 women over the age of 18, there were about 110 men.

The average household income in Bethel was $57,000, and the medican income for a whole family was around $62,000. Males had an average income of $45,000 compared to $39,000 for women. The city’s per capita income is $20,000. About 10% of families and 11% the residents were in poverty though, with 9% of people under 18 and 18% of those aged 64 and older.