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  • PaPa Bear Adventures

    PaPa Bear Adventures

    PaPa Bear Adventures has a lot to offer for the outdoor lover. If you are considering visiting Alaska, then consider visiting some amazing wilderness spots in Alaska. Outfitting and transportation to these remote spots can be life-changing, and you shouldn’t visit Alaska unless you’re going to see all the beautiful

  • Long House hotel

    Long House hotel

    The Long House hotel in Bethel is a one-of-a-kind place. Bethel is a gathering place for 56 neighboring villages. Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out with old friends or just stopping in to take care of some business with some of the local companies, you can find

  • Lakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast

    Lakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast

    Lakeside Lodge Bed and Breakfast is a great place to in Bethel, Alaska for a cozy little getaway, and it’s like a home away from home. Room rates are pretty cheap, and you get free wireless Internet too, and that’s great for people who really want to get away, but

  • Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures

    Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures

    Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures is situated in Bethel, one of the largest cities in the Western part of Alaska, and it’s a family-operated and owned business. They are experts at Kisaralik River tours, river charters, and birding-watching tours. Kisaralik Camp is positioned about 80 miles up the river from the Southwestern

  • Economy and transportation

    Economy and transportation

    Bethel Airport is owned by the state, and it’s the main transportation center in the region, and several passenger carriers work with it like Frontier Flying Service, Grant Aviation, an dAlaska Airlines. It also gets service from a lot of cargo operators like Arctic Transportation Services, Alaska Central Express, Northern

  • Demographics


    According to the 2000 census, there were around 5,400 people, 1,700 households, and 1,100 families living in Bethel. The population was about 125 for each square mile. There were about 1,900 housing units with an mean density of 45 for each fsquare mile. The racial distribution is about 26% white,

  • History of Bethel

    The Yupik people had made southwestern Alaska their home for several thousand years. Their village is called Mamterillermiut, and it translates to the “Smokhoue People”, and they named after their closeby fish smokehouse. During the 19th century, it was a trading post for a company, and it had a small

  • Bethel FAQs

    Here’s some FAQ’s that I have put together which are what most people seem to email us about. Housing How much do you typically pay for a rental in Bethel? You usually pay anywhere from $700 to $1700 a month. Im going to show up in Bethel on XX, Can